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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Features of Labview and applications

Features of Lab view and applications

I have been discussing Lab view and Virtual Instrumentation(VI) for the past few blogs. I have given some basics on Labview and VI. There are lot of features with its modules and tool kits. For example, There is one hardware called as Speedy33 which is meant for DSP applications.

With this kit interfaced with labview with its proper drivers softwares, we can synthesis voice signals which can be used for voice authentication systems. There are numerous filter packages available in Labview. A proper filter can be designed to sythesis our voice for recocgnition. Speech processing and Pattern matching can be achieved by properly coding the labview environment. It gives widespread scope for starting a projects with Labview and Speedy 33 module.

One more application, i would like to share is to find the status of breaking glass through its sound vibrations and freuency sythesis.


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that's way too cool.

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Gomen kudasai.

ganesh said...

hi good informative blog for final year students who are looking for projects..
their are only few persons who are writing technical blogs and your is a good one..
i will tell all my college friends to check out your blog
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ganesh said...

hi is it possible for you to provide a link to my page from your blog i have already added you.. my blog url is
also are you familiar with programming PIC microcontroller with CCS C compiler or Mikro C or any other software..
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Yokara said...

Thank ganesh for your valuable comments

elamgct said...

hi.. im a final yr stud looking for a project.. can u provide me with the logic used in voice recognition using labview...

JK said...

Hi I am a final year student.. your Idea was good.. is it possible to do the same project without using speedy33, if is there any way please suggest..

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