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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

E skin for Robot Ready

E skin for Robot Ready
In the technology era, an another milestone has been achieved by the Japanese scientist. Yes, that is called as Carbon nano tube rubber conductor. This conductor is special in a sense that it is flexible and can be used as rubber and having very good conductivity. This rubber conductor can be used in robots as skin, so that the robot will behave like a human. This can stretch and contract, which can be replaced in place of metal conductor.
Another important property of this material is that its conductivity is 570 times more than that of a conventional conductor. If used as wiring, the material can make elastic integrated circuits (ICs), which can be stretched to up to 1.7 times their original size and mounted on curved surfaces with no mechanical damage or major change in conductivity.
The robot skin can be embedded with this conductor, so that it can sense temperature, pressure and heat, so that it can enhance its sensing capabilities.

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a.i. editor said...

Oh, yeah. Robots with skin. It s a technological breakthrough!


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