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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Simulation software

Simulation software

Now a days engineering projects at ug and pg level are done with simulation in addition to hardware projects. This is mainly because of there may be possibilites of failure of hardware. So the expenditure incurred becomes so high while testing hardware. In order to avoid wasting of time and cost un necessarily, software simulations are done. Once the simulation become successful then the same may be implemented using hardware without too much expences. I would like share some of the softwares used for simulation.

At electronics level

1. PSpice - This software can be used for simulation of electronic circuit. We can draw the shematic of the complete circuit and simulate for various inputs. Instantaneous output waveforms with respect to time or any other parameters can be obtained. Once the circuit is successfully working, then the same can be implemented using pCB boards and test can be done.

At Power level:

2. Matlab: This is another software. It consists of various toolboxes and blocksets which can be chosen according to the projects. The toolboxes are on control systems, simpowersystems, fuzzy, neural networks, genetic algorithms, aironatical engineering, electrical machines and power semiconductor devices. Compared to Pspice, this software can be used almost all the advanced technology related projects.

Transmission and Distributions:

3. ETAP : This software is mainly used for Electrical transients applications and power systems, transmission lines and so on.
Instrumentations Level:

4. Labview: It is a very important software for Instrumentation field where each instruments can be connected as if real instruments are connected. And the input and output waveforms can be instantly seen in the monitor. The CRO like devices can be avoided wher everththing can be simulated using pc.
Integrated Chip design:

5. Xilinx and Squadran : These are all the softwares used for simulation and synthesis of VHDL codes. This is mainly used for desing of large scale integrated circuits and chips.

For the all the above software, students versions are available which can be freely downloadable from the net from their own sites

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