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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Robot

I (intelligent) Robot: Abstract
In this completely modernized world, every industry is automated, which indeed requires a robot for its functioning. One of the biggest challenges in constructing a robot lies in the precise control.

The project deals with the construction of a robot which is capable of doing autonomous surveillance of land terrain, with live video capture and transmission for analysis purposes, with the ability to lock manually and shoot the target on command. The design of the robot is innovated in such a way that the maneuvering ability has been greatly enhanced supplemented by a tailor made innovative obstacle detection algorithm.

The control room has been empowered with manual over ride and control of the bot. Analysis of data is done at the control room and corresponding commands to the bot are communicated wirelessly such that any target can be locked and fired. Analysis of data by image possessing gives the cutting edge in determining moving objects, the position in the field of view (X,Y) and the velocity in the direction of motion. Informing or alarming the control room on any object movement.

An attempt has been made to make the robot intelligent on object detection and avoidance for maneuvering in a terrain. Thus the robot has been named as I-ROBOT (intelligent-Robot).

This robot can be used in various industrial applications such as terrestrial, underground and space explorations, navigation in hazardous environments and in military operations, wherein human operation is not possible. Enhancements can be done by adding a series of modules on this robot for other specific purposes like audio recordings, metal detection, fire sensing, smoke detection etc.

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