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Monday, May 5, 2008



“One man can do the work of a hundred ordinary men, but no machine can do the work of an extra-ordinary man.”
In this fast developing science revolutionary era, automation of industry has become a necessity. A PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) is a programmable system used for automation. The Programmable Logic Controller may be defined as

“A PLC is a microprocessor based specialized computer that carries out control functions of many types and levels of complexity.”

We have designed a kit for automating a car parking system. For this a PLC has been used. The PLC has been pre-programmed and is the brain of the system. It reads the inputs from the various sensors and makes logical decisions. Accordingly the necessary operation is carried out. In case of occurrence of a failure, the protective measure is also taken. Our project illustrates only a simple application of the PLC, while the PLC is a powerful tool the applications of which are innumerable and complex.


berto said...

Ive read a lot of these blogs about this heavy eqipments. Im looking for a bundle package of heavy equipment and i found in the site I wish i could go to the philippines to buy those equipment but on my situation right now I cant go there.

moon said...

anyone knows how to light up a 24V energy saving light bulb using the PLC? PLEASE REPLY!

ain.. said...

i want to apply this system in my project.can i get more detail info on this parking sysytem? especially when the car passed the entrance and exit, how the addition and substraction of the total parking is made? can the data from PLC link to visual basic for display using PIC as data storage? plez reply a.s.a.p

dipen said...

we are preparing the same project..and we dont have any info on how to start,,
this is ma email id

plz reply me, m also interested in buying ur project if it is sale.


vandana said...

we are preparing the same project..and we dont have any info on how to start,,
this is ma email id

plz reply me, m also interested in buying ur project if it is sale.


lovable said...

i want to do this project ..i know the programming...but i dnt know how to connect it to the cars...programming result is possible for me...but i dont know how could it connect to our application of parking me plz...mail me to

nor said...

to all students who doing this project.. i think u should analyse 1st the input and output of ur system, the type of processor. example of PLC model is keyence and omron.. then cont with the program

sunil said...

sir i want to project this but i don't know complete details about that so please send about that project to my email

"manas" said...

i also doing dis project..plzz help me in the mechanical part.mail

Pranav said...

hello sir, i'm doing this project for my prefinal year, i have no infos, please help, my id is

swati said...

hello sir,i m final yr student..i m doing project on it.i have no info.plz help .my email id is

sarayu said...

Hello sir please can you send me the circuit diagram of this project to my email id

ankita said...

can i get the info related to this project....i am nt able to get how to strt it....plz help..
ths is my

Divya Rajan said...

Hello sir i'm a pre-final year student i have an idea of doing this topic as my project but i didn't get any info about this so kindly mail me at this ID

Dinesh lohar said...

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