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Monday, May 26, 2008

Fuzzy logic control of Temperature and level control

Fuzzy logic control of Temperature and level control

Automation system vendors, universities, research centers and the process industry continually strive to invent new and better methods to keep processes under control. Boiler plays an important role in power generation units and its control is very critical in many applications. In present situation conventional PID control is being implemented for this purpose. These conventional controllers in power plants are not very stable when there are fluctuations and, in particular, there is an emergency occurring. Continuous processes in power plant and power station are complex systems characterized by nonlinearity, uncertainty and load disturbances. The characteristics of a power plant system change significantly between heavy and light loading conditions. Applying of traditional control methods encounter great difficulties while the process working condition changes within a large operation range. So many studied control methods like expert systems, fuzzy logic control, neural networks and knowledge-based systems, termed Intelligent Control have become common additions to conventional Proportional Integral Derivative (PID)-type control methods in the process industry. This project discusses the possibilities and suitability of an intelligent control method such as fuzzy logic control in controlling and managing combustion performance of an Industrial boiler. This controller demonstrated superiority in controlling the temperature and water level of the boiler.
In this project, a model with fuzzy control has been implemented for temperature and level control. The model consists of a process tank along with a reservoir together with a pump and heater connected with it. This heater and pump are controlled using fuzzy logic and the temperature and level conditions are maintained.

The simulation of fuzzy logic contrlloller is implemented using matlab fuzzy toolbox


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