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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Entrecard with new features

Entrecard with additional features
We are all familiar with ATM and Credit cards with real world. But entrecard is the card known by the internet community. I am proud of being entrecard member for the past 6 months. It really enriched my site value in terms of traffic and money. Initially only one blog can be kept in our account, for adding new blog, we need another account.But now the trend is changed by the entrecard, we can have more blogs with one account with its linked blog feature. With this feature, I have added 4 more blogs to my account. In addition to this, entrecard have announced contest for entrecard account holder who have more number of blogs. I sum up the following features newly added,· Ebook release· Multiple blogs to an account· Blog post contest win 2000 entrecards· Multiblog contest win 15000 entrecards· New home page looks· New campaign page· Top droppers RSS feed.They have also unveiled a new ebook to know all about entrecard with its features.

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