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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

AUTOMATION USING A PLC with applications


PLCs are electronic devices that work on the basic principle of logic gates. It was a major leap from sequencing automation with rotating cams or with series of electrical relay switches, to using micro processor based PLC sequencers. With micro processors, the sequencers could be programmed to follow different sequences under different conditions.
The physical structure of a PLC is as important as a feature as its computerized inwards. The central component, the CPU, contains the digital computer and plugs into a bus or a rack. Other PLC modules can be plugged into the same bus. Optional interface modules are available for just about any type of sensor or actuator.
The PLC user buys only the modules needed, and thus avoids having to worry about compatibility between sensors, actuators and the PLC. Most PLCs offer communication modules now, so that the PLC can exchange data with at least other PLCs of the same make.

Automated parking is a method of automatically parking and retrieving cars typically using a computerized system of lifts and carriers. As the system removes the need for driveways and ramps, the floor area and the volume of the parking station itself can be more efficiently used.
For the driver, the process is very simple. They park their car at an entrance point then leave the vehicle. From there, the car is automatically moved through the parking system. It's returned to the driver in the same fashion using a signaling device (similar to a credit card) or for a public car park a ticket and payment system in a designated waiting zone.
Automated parking systems can be designed to fit above or below ground, allowing for flexible usage of land space; this means the footprint can be reduced to one-third of the land required by conventional car parking solutions. Cost-effective on a number of fronts, automated parking also offers significantly improved service to the customer.

These automated car parking systems are suitable for installation in basements, open floors or open spaces outside commercial buildings, residential buildings, shopping malls, and other public places. Such multi-level automated car parking systems have been installed all around the world, especially in Europe, Korea, Japan and some other parts of South-East Asia.
There is an overwhelming need for these systems because of increasing traffic and non-availability of adequate parking spaces, especially in urban cities. The most unique feature of such systems is that they increase the parking space available on the ground by more than 30%, depending upon the kind of system installed and the contours of the space available.
Multi-level parking systems require careful planning and assessment of the space available, traffic flows, and the capacity utilization within that space. These systems can be integrated within concrete (RCC) structures.


berto said...

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Anonymous said...

hi, im remy and i want to ask for opinion or maybe plc program if u can help me.. the thing is, i got a project called multi-level car park and i want to ask for your opinion how the car park should be and the example of the plc program(better in picture file) based on your opinion sir. thx... u can email me at

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paul thilak said...

hi this is paul studying in Thangavelu Engineering college at chennai....
i wanna do my final year project in plc-automation, so if anyone can suggest me a good project based on what i prefer....

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