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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Automatic Energy Meter Reading through Power Line Communication

Automatic Energy Meter Reading through Power Line Communication
This project deals with “Automatic Energy Meter Reading through Power Line Communication”. Presently in India Energy Meter reading is done through nominated officials by visiting the residential and commercial places. This project is proposed to change the existing energy metering by employing the Power line communication technology. Power line carrier communications take place over the same lines that deliver electricity.

This technique involves injecting a high frequency AC carrier into the power line and modulating this carrier with data originating from the remote meter or central station. Power Line Communications - transmits data over an existing high-voltage power line instead of requiring dedicated cabling. (PLC) can thus provide an inexpensive solution for transmitting data in a pre-wired location.
The solution for residential Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) consists of a host computer, a gateway interface and a low-cost Power Line Carrier (PLC) residential meter. LCD display showing the meter readings, date of bill payment and billing details. The system also incorporates a power cut feature, which can be activated when the consumer doesn’t pay the bill within the due date. The system performances become superior to conventional methods. Now this scheme becomes implementing able with advent fast computing devices.

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