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Monday, March 3, 2008

Prepaid Energy Meter

prepaid energy meter
The aim of this project is to design a prepaid energy meter to monitor the consumption of electricity in domestic needs. The standard business model of electricity retailing involves the electricity company billing the customer for the amount of energy used in the previous month or quarter. In some countries, if the retailer believes that the customer may not pay the bill for what ever reason a prepayment meter may be installed. This requires the customer to make advance payment before using the electricity. If the available credit is exhausted then the supply of electricity is automatically cut off by a relay.
Here analog energy meter is replaced by a digital energy meter. The digital energy meter used here is a high accuracy, low cost, single phase power meter based on the ADE7757.The meter is designed for use in single phase 2 wire distribution system. A relay is connected in between power lines and the load. The relay is controlled by the primary controller.
Microcontroller 89C51 acts as the primary controller. The primary controller collects information from digital energy meter as well as from the smart card. Smart gives information about the limitation of units. The digital energy meter reading is compared with the smart card information by the primary controller and hence suitably primary controller controls the relay.


maggi said...

I f people remove the connection of the smart card what happens then?

mohamed imthiaz said...

How to apply it in

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