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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Engineering Projects websites review1

Engineering Projects websites review1

Today i visited some websites which offer engineering projects and training for the student to do projects in areas describing below

1. Vi Microsystems: This sites offer engineering projects for final and pre final year students and also manufacturer of engineering products on embedded systems, VLSI technology, MueC/OS II RTOS support for PIC microcontrollers, ARM7, ARM9 processors, PLC and instrumentations., embedded system kits and so on.

This site also offer training on embedded systems and VLSI.

Vi microsystemes organises a international seminar on 10-11th April 2008 on Embedded platform and Design tools
Some their products are

USB to Serial Peripheral Converter
Releasing new design board, which converts USB signals to RS232,I2C,SPI,CAN compatible levels.
Advanced FPGA Module
New Universal FPGA Module supports Xilinx Virtex 4 devices with USB & Ethernet connectivity
Network Concept Level Teaching & Training module.

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