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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


In practical, right from electrical appliances used in homes to complex machines used in industries, vibrations are produced that need to be deduced for process monitoring and analysis. It serves for both domestic and industrial purposes. Earlier manual labour was used to sense these vibrations. Later on technological changes brought hydraulics and pneumatics into play which was tedious and fetched high costs. Then electrical sensors were used for this but still cost and size mattered a lot. Overcoming all these disadvantages came the latest electronic sensors and circuits which are economical and efficient. In this project we have taken the task of Sensing, Monitoring and Analyzing the vibrations produced in a process with the help of a simple efficient external circuit. The project includes variety of components such as a Piezo electric Sensor, an Amplifier, A/D converter, Seven segment display, Monostable multivibrator and Buzzer. The piezo resistive picks up the external vibration into the circuit as electric variations. The amplifier amplifies it to match the impedance of the circuit. The amplified electric variations are quantized within a self calibrated range and unit. The output is displayed by a seven segment display and threshold limit by a buzzer. Thus, the vibrations can be both detected and analyzed simultaneously which can definitely be a successful approach in future.

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