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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This project entitled “REMOTE CONTROL OF OVERHEAD CRANE” has been developed for remote operation of overhead crane using Radio Frequency, and this project over comes the present day draw backs of OH crane.

In case of overhead crane, the entire crane structure will be enclosed inside a large room. In industries such cranes are used for carrying tons and tons of loads. The loads to the crane are normally very far from the operator’s view. Thus this project helps the operator to be near the load, by providing remote operation

For such a remote operation microcontroller ATMEL 89S52 has been preferred due to its special features. In this system, the microprocessor continuously scans for any key press from the matrix key pad. As soon as the microcontroller recognizes the key press it generates a code corresponding to the key which has been pressed.

Then the encoded code is modulated and transmitted through the transmitter section. At the receiver section the demodulated code is multiplexed to the corresponding motor which controls the direction and movement of the OH crane.

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