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Friday, February 15, 2008


Life in 21st century is almost impossible without automation and control. It is the present need of the hour. Gone are the days where accuracy alone is given prime importance. It is quintessential that accuracy combined with speed is the mantra for success. Ordinary speedometers days have left their way and now it has paved way for the digital speedometers. This has the advantage of both accuracy along with style. So keeping this in mind, we dedicated ourselves to the quest of digital speedometers. But this has been specially equipped with a safe mode which can also be known as efficiency mode. Making use of the display drivers, latching IC’s and counters IC’s along with the timer IC’s which has been integrated with the transducer section. Thus the basic principle revolves around an infrared LED which revolves in a periodic manner and it is transmitted through a photo-transistor through which a voltage is produced and it is converted into its respected display image. Under the consideration of the safe mode condition, when the speed goes beyond a particular limit a buzz goes on through which the rider is being cautioned. This has been a special up gradation to the digital speedometer.

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