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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

GPS Applications

GPS (Global Positioning System) devices available today are navigational tools used to find specific location data, and are many times more accurate than any previous system known to man. GPS watches, in particular, use twenty-seven satellites and a huge network of technical computers to calculate the user's location (latitude and longitude) to within a few meters. When using GPS watches it's very easy to keep track of your current location and speed and the direction and distance to your destination.

GPS watches can program your route in advance and they can save and chart your trips from previous data. You can store all of the coordinates of interesting vacation locations, and you can retrace your steps back to your starting point. GPS watches have become a prerequisite for the mountain climber and avid hiker. Because of the valuable properties of this watch, millions of dollars have been saved searching for lost sportsmen. Even in terrain with no landmarks, or in conditions of low visibility, you will know exactly where you are and how to get to your destination. GPS watches are becoming known as the hiker's bible. It has made this sport easier and much safer. GPS watches are also being used by scientists, farmers, surveyors, soldiers, delivery drivers, dispatchers, sailors, fire-fighters and lumberjacks. People from all walks of life are using GPS watches in different ways to make their work more productive, safer and easier. GPS watches combine an altimeter, barometer, thermometer and compass with the GPS functions. All of these components are packed into a single watch. Your watch can plan your routes from home while looking at a map, and then save them into your watch. When out in the field, your watch will tell you which way to go and how fast you are moving. It will tell you how far you have traveled and how far you still have to go. It even tells you when you will be arriving at your destination. You can designate a "home" position and then when you hit the "find home" button from any location, you will receive the route and the distance back. When you go on an adventure without a route in mind, you can use this watch to keep track of your position, speed and distance. But, most importantly, you will able to find your way back to where you started from. Getting lost is not even an option with this watch. What's more incredible is that when you find a place of interest, such as a camp site, scenic view, fishing spot or even a fabulous antique store, you can save the coordinates into your watch. GPS watches are single navigational computers, and have created adventure for the seasoned sportsman and seasoned shopper, simply by a flip of the wrist.

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