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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This project provides a security system using embedded concept that could be incorporated in our life. The circuit consists of two mobiles, one is a user mobile and another is a receiver mobile. The receiver mobile is connected to the microcontroller through an RS232 interfacing circuit and a data cable. Then the received serial data will be converted into parallel by using EMBEDDED PROGRAMMING CONCEPT. The received data will be in the format of AT PROTOCOL. That is, the micro controller should send AT commands to receive the data from a mobile. Then the received signal is decoded and final extraction of the data will be displayed. That is the content of sms are displayed in a microcontroller is written with a program to work according to the SMS message. By using this concept we are going to implement some applications like theft detector, flame detector etc.
One more main security in this project is to get a secured communication for the proof of security we have to use password or we can compare the incoming number and if it matches with the actual one then it will allow the user to control the device. The communication between microcontroller and the mobile’s is at the BAUD RATE OF 9600 BITS per second.

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