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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Energy meter, the only direct revenue interface between utilities and the consumers, have undergone several advancements in the last decade. In this project we provide a scheme of electricity billing system called "SMART ENERGY METER" which reduces the problems associated with billing consumer living in isolated area and reduce the man power for taking meter readings. The consumer has to just insert the memory card of desired amount into the card reader and the amount will be detected depending upon the consumption. Microcontroller acts as the primary controller and collects information from the energy meter and the smart card. It then compares both the information and controls the relay accordingly. The relay is connected between the power lines and the load. If the available credit is exhausted, the supply is automatically cut off by the relay. As a future enhancement, the clients can be networked and the whole power supply control can be given to the server in the electricity board.


pals said...


im a final year student .i am interested in carrying out this project .Can u forward the full details of this project to my

Anonymous said...

.,,can u plz send me @ my email address the full details of this project.

Anonymous said...

hi can u send full details of this project to my mail...

Neha said...

hellow sir, plz send me detail for railway tracking between indore & pune. because i want to make a project about railway

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